Our firm is growing rapidly and we are always looking for like minded advisors interested in a partnership with Cornerstone Financial Group. 

We recognize every firm has a unique value and perspective in the market place and welcome the opportunity to meet you where you are in cycle of business.

Interested in learning more about our partnerships?

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Where Are You
In Your Career?

We have different partnership models, based on where you are in your advisor career.

Continuity Plan: Undecided.

Our focus is to provide a turnkey continuity succession plan for the advisor who is not ready to make any moves, but who needs to establish a backup plan to protect against catastrophe and provide for clients, staff, and loved ones. This is a very simple process and revolves around completing a buy-sell agreement to ensure a win-win: ensure your clients are taken care of and in good hands, and that your family is taken care of financially.

Acquisition Plan: Immediate Retirement.

For the advisor looking for an immediate buy/sell agreement and wants to transition out immediately to enjoy retirement. We offer a program that focuses solely on transitioning your client relationships over your desired timeframe from tomorrow to 1 year.

Succession Plan: Gradual Retirement.

For the advisor looking to take a more strategic and gradual approach to their retirement. Our plug-and-play model delivers support to a retiring advisor while effectively freeing up your time to position for exit strategy, remove attrition risks and to reposition client assets to maximize your business value.

Merger Plan: Join Something Bigger Than Myself.

For the slightly younger advisor who wishes to join a team of quality advisors looking to grow and learn from each other. We believe in hiring only A+ team players who share our desire to build something greater than ourselves, and doing so by delivering an exceptional client experience.

Benefits of Partnership

Your clients’ well-being is one of our top priorities. From the confidence knowing there’s a contingency plan in place to the gradual way that they’ll transition, you will feel comfortable with the way your clients are being treated, and they will respect the way you are handling the difficult transition. Clients will also enjoy the fact that they’ll get to sit down with us, ask questions, attend social dinners with you and us, and be treated with dignity as the transition happens.

Selling your business is not a process that’s easy to do by yourself. What we have found is that the younger generation is looking for a “lifestyle” practice – one that fits nicely the rest of their lives. Most of the transition failures we’ve seen are because the buying advisor thinks he is buying revenue while the selling advisor is selling relationships. The buying advisor doesn’t understand the challenging work and relationship building required to successfully transition practice. Many buying advisors also happen to be in the younger generation who haven’t been through a recession. This lack of experience is listed as another issue which makes selling advisors that much more hesitant that their clients are in good hands and will receive proper advice when they need it most. Since 2010, we have been assisting with practice transitions.

You get a fair valuation for your practice. We have many resources to obtain a practice valuation that is a valuation based on industry standard multiples on revenue while also taking other risk variables into account.

*Clients are referred to third parties for Business valuation services. Neither Cornerstone Financial Group or LPL Financial offer business valuation services.

We have the resources available to provide flexible financing structures that fit your needs. When it comes to the sale of your practice it’s not just about the dollar amount you receive, it’s also important to understand the tax implications that can be associated with the sale of this asset. We have the experience and flexibility to help you navigate which financing structure is best for the sale of your business. Our focus is to give you and your family the confidence and enjoyment of the financial resources you’ve worked all your life to earn.

You get to retire, enjoy time with your family, travel, pursue your dreams, and enjoy yourself. This is something that is flexible, and we work with you to make sure you fully understand the process we create together with a client centric approach; you’re never forced to do anything you aren’t comfortable with and everything we do is in client’s best interest. This timeline is as gradual as you want it to be as you scale back from your work during the transition.